Dear Clients and Friends,
Some of you (or maybe most of you) know that I am particularly focused on helping our clients to understand the cultural gaps that may be faced during its business activities in Brazil.

So, when early this year Peggy de Rop, Managing Director of Dutcham, called me to discuss about a new version of the old Compass Guide edited by the Dutch Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and we agreed upon creating a completely new version of it, more objective, looking for helping the Dutch investor to really understand Brazil, I really got exited!

This New Compass comes with the same purpose and is divided in 3 parts:

I – Welcome to Brazil;
II – Doing Business in Brazil; and
III – Learn For Others.

What makes this Doing Business so unique is our search to explain the cultural characteristics that makes Brazil business climate so different and, many times understood as unfriendly. Bureaucracy, corruption, importance given to relationship, flexibility and concept of time and its impacts to business, among many other aspects, are analyzed in an easy way to make possible to understand our Country.

I wish you all a very pleasant reading!
Welcome to Brazil!

Raphael Zaroni
Advisory Board – DUTCHAM