The Federal Government published Provisional Measure 932 at the start of the month, which cuts payments by companies and entities to the “Sistema S” in half (Sesi, Senai, Sesc, Senac, Sest, Senar and Sescoop). Effects are valid for three months.
According to Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy, the aliquot reduction might lead to R$ 2 billion in savings for companies. On the other hand, the National Commerce Confederation (CNC) stated that the 50% aliquot cut may lead to dismissals at Sesc and Senac.

The Provisional Measure also establishes that Sebrae allocates at least half of the revenue from the 0.3% additional charge from the Sistema S aliquots, until June, to the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro Businesses (Fampe). Fampe provides guarantees to bank loans taken by small entrepreneurs.

The cut in contributions to the Sistema S is part of a set of measures announced by the Federal Government in order to dampen the impact of the Covid-19 in the country’s economy.