On December 22, RFB Normative Instruction nº 1,917 was published in the Federal Gazette, which alters portions of RFB IN no. 1,751, of 2017. The new instruction addresses the service provided by the IRS in the virtual environment. The changes are intended to simplify citizens’ lives by reducing the number of requirements and rationalizing the provision of services online.

The Federal Revenue Service abolished the need to present the original documents or certified copies of the persons to whom powers are granted through the RFB power of attorney or electronic power of attorney, maintaining only the requirement to present the grantor’s documents. In addition, Normative Instruction No. 1917 expands the scope of services provided by the Federal Revenue through the internet and allows the representation instrumentalized by the RFB power of attorney or electronic power of attorney, in cases of granting powers, to be extended to the digital processes of its affiliates.

Raphael Zaroni, founding partner of Zaroni Advogados, notes that “this is yet another measure to reduce the bureaucracy of processes in Brazilian agencies. Thus, the new RFB IN reduces the list of required documents and, thus, streamlines the procedures for granting powers of representation before the Federal Revenue of Brazil.”